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"Pilze. Eine Galerie."

We proudly present: A large, heavy illustrated book with unique mushroom photographs by Axel Schmidt. Published in October 2017 by Franckh-Kosmos-Verlag, it is now also published in France just a few months later.

Ergo Kommunikation developed a very stringent, straightforward layout that gives the photographs a generous effective space. The texts do without the descriptions usual for mushroom books and were supplemented by few systematized information.

The photographic work of our long-time colleague Axel Schmidts is characterized by great craftsmanship with a constant focus on the artistic claim of his work. With his eye for the significance of detail, he has succeeded in creating a fascinating photographic documentation for which we have created an impressive setting.

We were pleased that none other than the Franckh-Kosmos publishing house was willing to realize this work with us. The technical demands were a challenge for all involved: each image was processed individually for printing with a high screen ruling. The results are photos that are so brilliant and sharp that you can almost feel the detailed structures.

> Pilze. Eine Galerie.

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